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I put a question mark in the title because I have been unable to verify the veracity of this story. Not to worry, he did it with several girls.

Also, one of the girls said that the record breaker was having sex like he had horse power — whatever that might mean. Oh, and — still according to this blog — the whereabouts of the Record for have sex girls that had sex with the record breaker were unknown. What career path should a victor in this category go into? Gigolo-ism is the only thing I can think of. Does Pamilerin not have classes to attend, a job to show up Record for have sex, or sleep to catch? The most important date in the world is coming up soon: my birthday, duh!

January 14th. Woooo Record for have sex But this Pamilerin guy don enter Verastic trouble, lol! Inspector Vera, I want more. Uncover this story, please! The record does not hold if he did it with different women because there will be interruptions unless it was a threesome or foursome etc.

In between having it with the different women even if there was a 30 minutes interval it then count as new sex session. I think this is just a publicity stunt by someone seeking attention. Do I believe a man can have sex 15 hours continuously? No unless the man has some kind of erectile disorder and cannot climax but even that it will become painful after a while and he cannot continue like a horse.

That said it gives us something to talk about but I am very skeptical about this record otherwise it would have been all over the news worldwide. Just because you cannot do it does not make it impossible or implausible. We are all made differently. Record for have sex am capable of having one sustained sexual act for as long as 7 hours. I have done this hundreds of times.

The length depends upon the tightness and Record for have sex chemistry of the partner. I have had physical copies of various editions of the Guinness book of world records,and all the records are listed there with verified parameters that make them records. Records are met and broken becos there are specified parameters. The hardship inflicted by the years of irresponsible and wicked leadership in nigeria has given rise to a lot of poverty and nutcases.

Tins de happen sha maybe nor be ordinary power or the boy na ghost abeg make ona help me check am. I do think that is alot of B. I have explored the lengths of how long can my dick stay hard before it goes limp Record for have sex about 8 hours in. Theres no way possible to stay hard after that or youll have a serious stomach ache after that so I call out B.

Im almost a porn god so what ever anyone says after hours is max. Ill make that 8 hour film and become the new porn god. Damn them morons.

And mrs. Henry we just got done having sex for 21 and a half hours so you have your dick does not gold lamp as long as you have the right partner and everything is in the perfect areas that you need it.

November Record for have sex, Nigerian boy who allegedly set the record for longest sex in the world. Comments Gasp! With ALL partners I can sustain minutes of continual intercouse.

Can you not? Mr and Mrs henry here to say we just got done having sex for 21 hours. Subscribe to the channel. Record for have sex Vlogger.

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