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A Nude naturist naked sports of years ago, when Trine was editing the blog, she covered a story Nude naturist naked sports nude swimming at the YMCA Nude naturist naked sports America. This seems to have been a fairly commonplace change in attitudes in once male-only preserves.

Are they hiding a bit of photoshopping? But it was certainly a scenario, whether it ever happened in real life or not, that was simple to recreate for the blog. Swimming at the Hamner Springs hots pools was Clitoris close ups free and naked in Ohma tits and pussy middle s and this had been the situation for years.

The same applied at Rotorua and was definately the case in Around that time social attitude to public nudity changed. No state schools had naked swimming, but one of the private prep. One historical oddity regarding the Government run facility at Rotorua, is that around the state proposed to make costumes compulsory.

This caused a huge uproar from those using the pools and the Govertnment had to back down. Swimming instruction and water sports were only part of the programme : there was gym work and various trips around the City. The instruction was carried out by older school boys. I cannot recall if they were nude or not, but probably were on account of them participating in the various games in the pool. The Matron was a close Nude naturist naked sports of my mother.

Her boys were enrolled in the programme, one a little older than me, was one of the instructors. The question was asked would I and my close friend like to join in, this is We were shown around the facilities by the Matron. The pool was in use for a water polo game. Not too many boys of my age I thought. My friend was really keen on the nude swimming. Nude naturist naked sports matter did not appeal to See melissa berry nude picture as I was having a difficult puberty, which none of my friends were having by the way.

I was 13 at the time. It was difficult enough wearing a swimming costume : the mind boggled on what would happen being naked. Anyway we had been Nude naturist naked sports little irresponsble and had spent the fee we were meant to pay to the Y, so that was that. No fee paid, no entry.

That programme was the last as the building was knocked down later that year. Attitudes to nude swimming were quickly changing at that time. Some private primary schools with boarding Nude naturist naked sports had nude swimming instruction for boys This was over around The Government run thermal hot pools at Rotorua and Hamner Springs had nude segregated swimming for many years. This was also done away with about the same Nude naturist naked sports. Rotorua was naked inand Hamner Springs clothed in The old pics I would think would be pretty hard to photoshop and it would appear they add credibility to the fact that these things did actually happen.

The newer color pics I believe are staged by some porn sites. Gerald What I find interesting is that 50 years and more ago, a period Nude naturist naked sports we think of a Nude naturist naked sports being more repressed in terms of the naked body, there is often evidence to the contrary, even if the nude activities involved were segregated by gender. Nudity in colonial times in NZ is another interesting topic, in those years to about there was Nude naturist naked sports freedom for males to swim naked at public breaches, in rural localities, and at certain locations within cities.

At public baths, the sexes were segregated and men and boys swam naked. Reports printed in the papers of public nudity in the cities was as a rule accompanied by the demand for the authorities to take firm Nude naturist naked sports and put a stop to this nakedness, In Wellington there even was a naked beach scene at Lyall Bay during the weekends in summer of course.

I can recall my Grandfather speaking of naked swimming near Nude naturist naked sports when he was a member of the Home Guard in the Second World War.

With respect to the British settlement of NZ the social space afforded of public nudity was one of several differences with Britain that soon became apparent. Probably reflecting a desire of many immigrants to break away from the social conventions of Britain. In some settings it is a wholesome opportunity offering females a safe place Nude naturist naked sports view Nude naturist naked sports male nudity.

There are however some CFNM events that are porn in nature. But there are those who elevate these CFNM or vice versa scenarios into porn. Interesting reading. Interesting post. This is not to say Nude naturist naked sports males did not swim naked in schools in the s and before.

In fact we did at my school in South London in the mid-sixties. However, we did not have our pictures taken and there were no women around. There are just a few genuine pictures out there and some of these feature in the Naked Swimming in School videos mentioned above including a few published in Life magazine. I have found the original for another of these fake CFNM images: the vintage one of a naked man flanked by two women in bathing costumes.

The young boy on the left has been cropped from the fake image and the old-fashioned trunks of the other man removed digitally. Faked CFNM images are rife on the internet. As the original post comments, there seems to be a fetish for this type of image. We were made to swim nude in gym class back in late 70s at my jrhs. In Kansas.

Double standards and kinda perverted looking back at it now. Nudie News. This is a link to a Tumblr site. My grandmother was on a swim team in the s in Texas, and she said that the boys swam nude and girls wore a swimsuit. However, she also said that there were times that girls swam nude also. She said no one looked at nudity in a perverted way back then. It was considered natural and healthy. She also said boys worked out and ran track nude.

She also told me of a time that she went to summer camp nude. It was a mixed summer camp meaning girls and boys. Go figure. Jennifer, definitely a different time. Nudity on farms and such was quote commonas well. I inexperienced this back in th 50 and 60s. After hard hot Nude naturist naked sports work the men and boys often stripped off and hosed themselves off with a hose and go set under a shade tree to cool and dry off.

My mom or other moms plus daughters depending on whose home we at would bring ice water and lemonade to us. No one thought anything of the full nudity of the men and boys.

Us boys often went off to the farm ponds to skinnydip, my mom often would come set on the pond bank and watch us swim and play. None of us ever thought a thing of Captain stabbin reality kings ass Mind blown!

That would be indecent exposure today. I thought my grandmother was misremembering or something. She said it was common for her to Nude naturist naked sports a walk Nude naturist naked sports the street, and see a nude woman sitting on a swing on the front porch. Or see naked girls playing in the yard with naked boys. And this was in the early to mid 50s! So,I just Nude naturist naked sports to my grandmother again.

I asked her about the Nude naturist naked sports when she was growing up. Just like before she told me that no one thought anything negative about nudity in those days.

She told me of another time that her girlfriends came by to pick her up to Nude naturist naked sports to the lake. She said they drove up in a Chevrolet coupe, and got out of the car wearing nothing but sun hats with bows. She said when they came to the door, her mother answered the door and invited them in, and they were nude.

She told me her mother called for her. When she came to the front room she said Nude naturist naked sports was wearing a light blue sun dress and hat. She said she laughed when she saw her girlfriends nude, and took off the sun dress and went to the lake nude with them. She told me of another time that she and a friend of hers had PE class nude. She said both she and her friend left the gymnasium ,and got into her friends car nude and went home.

When she got home she said her dad was in the front room listening to the radio. She opened the door and she said her dad asked her how PE class was. I asked her if he minded that she was nude, and she said no, not at all. Wait for it.

I had no idea people were like that back then!! This conversation has stirred many memories that I had taken for granted simply because we Boob and butt pic in a more relaxed and accepting time of what was considered normal and at times necessary as a way of life.

Has brought back to mind many stories.

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