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Guest over a year ago. Couldn't find what you looking for? New Reply Follow New Topic. Guest over a year ago I have heard that women are impressed by powerful and voluminous ejaculations. I have heard on my own many of them said more is better and far is better. During some time, I realized women enjoy such big ejaculations mostly for psychological reasons. However, I want to hear if this is necessary. Could you tell me what does lots of cum during ejaculation means? Guest over a year ago You should understand each woman instinctive desire to be with a healthy, protective and fertile man that gets satisfied.

The fact is woman think a man with a large and forceful ejaculation has more chance to impregnate her. A powerful and voluminous ejaculation is perceived as a sign of virility and maleness, which every woman is searching. Lots of cum during ejaculation excites a woman because it makes her feel pretty and sexy.

I could give you an advice how to evaluate the volume. However, according to the reactions of women these estimations are on the low side and not so much cum as they desire. In fact, many women consider anything below one tablespoon, which are two teaspoons, as a small load and it is not close to lots of cum during ejaculation.

However, you should all understand the amount of ejaculate is relative to the level and duration of excitement a man experiences. Guest over a year ago I have always had very volumnous ejaculations. It has diminished somewhat with age but when I was younger I would usually ejaculate 10 to 12 long streams or spurts of semen. The first ones would spurt quite powerfully and fly several feet.

Most girls did seem to be amazed at the amount that would come out. But it could make qiute a mess to clean up. My semen has always been thick and white in color. The woman I am with now loves to watch my ejaculations. I still produce copious amounts. But I am sure there are other girls who would not be so impressed. I would like to be able to do that also.

Any recommendations? The first thing you should do is be careful Girls eating large amounts of cum you are getting enough rest, exercise, and have a good diet. I know that you should also avoid taking hot showers because that can affect you as well.

If you are interested, then you should also do some Kegel exercises as well. For the most part, though, a lot of people do not have control over the size and amount other than just abstaining from ejaculating every day. I hope this helps. Guest over a year ago I wouldn't get too excited on the prospect of large ejaculations. Trust me when I say this, it can be more of a burden Girls eating large amounts of cum a helper.

I don't know why but ever since I can remember I have had ungodly amounts of seminal fluids when I reach climax and at points especially when dealing with a new woman it is embarrising as Girls eating large amounts of cum be. I feel I have to warn them of what is going to happen if it is a spur of the moment thing.

Most women do not antisipate that sort of thing. Unless you care trying to nock up half of the planet just be happy with what you have. Guest over a year ago I only became interested in this topic quiet recentlywhen I finally discovered that my wife of many years had a previous partner who apparently happened to be one of those men who cums with about fifteen strong creamy spurtswhich is about twice Girls eating large amounts of cum much as I've ever been able to manage.

Girls eating large amounts of cum revelation came suddenly and at first it shocked me more than I think she realised. I had noticed when we first met that she seemed to have a particularly keen interest in watching me cum and used to actually tell me at the moment I was approaching my climax during sexthat she wanted to feel loads of it spurting up inside her. For some reason I had either never fully realised or was in self denial about the fact that this was something she must have literally experienced and enjoyed so much before meeting me.

On three occasions since I have asked her to show me the most spunk Girls eating large amounts of cum has ever seenor Girls eating large amounts of cum givenand although blushing noticeably while doing itshe has obliged quite willinglysquirting hair conditioner over her breasts and belly while laying in the bath until she felt the amounts were truly representative.

On each occasion it has taken about twenty squeezes of the bottle and very deep red flushing of her face before she was satisfied she was showing me what she'd been used to when she was younger. It is not really an issue between usbut if anythingin addition to feeling a little jealous of her past partnerjust knowing what she has had done to her excites me more than it disgusts meand I can easily imagine her exciting a man so much to make him do it.

Guest over a year ago I too have had large amounts of cum in each ejaculation, not spurts but like In my experience it depends on the girl. I have had girls not care and i have had girls get really almost happy about it. Some girls like to watch it happen. My girlfriend now is impressed with it and says Girls eating large amounts of cum think it makes girls feel sexy just like the earlier post stated.

But also it is pretty messy but cleaning up th mess is worth making a girl feel sexier than she already is.

Guest over a year ago I too cum alot ,it seems like some women have made me cum more than others,if a woman has big breasts it seems like that does it for me or if I have the indication that she has had alot of partners that seems to do it as well I have had a friend with benifits that is alot older than me she is like 58 I am 44 we have been friends with benifits for years on and off 15 years,we have never been serious it just seems like at times in our lifes we have been available for each other when we are not with anyone else she has been married several Girls eating large amounts of cum anyways we were together like 3 years ago,I was seeing someone and she was seeing someone as well,well she was freshly out of a realashionship like 2 weeks when we hooked up Guest over a year ago I think it's only natural for men to find lots of cum excitingto the point where men are more interested in how much other men shoot than women are.

I discovered this by accident. A lot of men who really can make a mess have a thing about wanting other men to watch them doing it. Years ago this sort of thing used to go on in public toilets with holes made in the walls dividing the cubicles specifically for that reason. I've witnessed some incredible gushers myself in such placesfrom total strangers whose faces I never saw and I found it very arousing even though I'm not Girls eating large amounts of cum. I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I used to go to those places on purpose just to watch them.

These days the internet has taken the place of those toilets. There is a web site called X - tube that seems to attract men who cum a lot and obviously want others to see them proving it.

I'll bet there are far more men tune into that site than women. For methe amount of cum has always depended upon how excited I am and how long it's been since I last had an orgasmbut I'm sure I cum more inside a woman than when just jerking off.

Just jerkingI spurt about 10 big ones if I go a week or so without doing itbut doing it every daymaybe only 4 or 5 weaker ones.

What seems to make me cum the most is doing it with a woman with a really big bottomespecially from behind while looking at it or squeezing it with both hands with the woman on top of me. The closest I've been to noticing any female interest Girls eating large amounts of cum how much I've cum is hearing the reaction " Bloody hell! Guest over a year ago 2 tea spoons.

Dam i cum 10 times that so does that make me weird? Now it may not sound like a lot but do this, go get an actual teaspoon, fill it with water and dump it on the counter. Do it again and this time Percentage of teens cutting themselves it slowly and make a this line with it. I think you will all be surprised as to actually how much a teaspoon can hold. Guest over a year ago at 16 when i had a young girl-friend of mine over to the house she was very impressed but shocked at the amount i produced, although i do not think i produce that much in particular she loved the warm erupitons of my semen all over her face and tits.

Guest over a year ago I've been married for over 20 years, and I still produce large volumes of cum when I have sex with my wife. I find her to be the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world Whenever I cum a lot, I know that it turns her on.

I just say, "See, baby? Our lovemaking is beautiful. Guest over a year ago Recently I blew this guy in his car and his squirts were strong jets of jizz that lasted a minute. Even after my mouth left his penis, he had 3 more squirts on the steering wheel. Quick reply. If you want to get notified by every reply to your post, please register.

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