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Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. Remember me. Anonymous Topic Author Visitor. Hi, all. Looking for help. I will try to be brief, but is a long, involved story. I recently found out my wife "L" is having an affair with my best friend, "P". I sensed something was up with her, " L" but not that it could possibly be anything with him "P". Saw her on the computer, an argument ensued, I was able to grab her computer and there it My wife has sex with my friends They had the "throw away" phones too, but she said she really didn't like that, so the majority of the contact was through emails on Yahoo.

Anyway, alittle about us. We are in our 40's, married 15 plus yrs with 2 kids. The perfect marriage. No real issues, don't fight, no money problems, no sexual problems, etc. So, how did we get here? God only knows. We ran together, hung out, everything with each other. We became very close friends. I thought it was very weird, but over time, I never believed he would make a My wife has sex with my friends at my wife.

Stupid, looking back, yes very stupid. But please understand, this is my best friend, I would never, ever cross that line, and i never thought he would either, and on My wife has sex with my friends of that, my wife?

Did I think she was ever capable of this also, no Okay, well about 18 months ago, he began texting her. That led to the "Facebook" stage where they would talk to each other back and forth, and then they both realized it was wrong the way they were feeling for each other, and they couldn't keep up the Facebook stuff, they needed more private ways to communicate, which led to the secret email accounts.

Thats where the love interest ensued. Their were cards on holidays, gifts, heck even tattoos. She picked one out for him, and he for her, a heart to signify their love for each other Remember this went on for 18 months total.

All the while i sit unsuspected. Still in a marriage with "L" and in a friendship with "P". After almost a yr, they decided that this was too much, they can't do this anymore, and Mistress ezada nude videos they should ,"take a break". Something was wrong with my wife, I could tell something was up. I would ask her what was the problem, lets talk, etc Eventually, she said to me, " i don't feel right, i feel we have disconnected, I'm worried about us, i think we should see someone counseling.

Cant be, not us. But i My wife has sex with my friends a fraud, i knew my best friend "P" had been having problems in his relationship with his wife, that they had also been to counseling So i called him.

Yes i called the man who was the one sleeping with my wife for advise and a counselors. Can u believe that? Based on what was said by her in counseling She didn't like if i yelled, how i would be to the kids, how we needed to spend more time together, alone, as a couple, etc. All very reasonable stuff. She would say her life is perfect, but she felt she wasn't as happy as she should be, stuff like that. So, we had a great 6 months together. We went out, vacation together, overnights away without the kids.

Sex was never mentioned as a problem in counseling, in life, etc It was perfect. I was very happy. My issues in counseling were about her But i felt that there was something, someone.

She would say, i was crazy. A jealous man, who simply doesn't trust her. And she would tell Dr. C that my trust issues were a problem in our marriage, lol.

We stopped counseling after a few months when we seemed to be well, and Dr said But even through counseling she maintained a relationship with him "P". Well, something was up the past few weeks, i sensed she wanted no part of me, she regressed from where we were She said, she was fine, just having a moment, etc. Anyway, now i know why. I saw the email to her lover written about a half hour after that sexual encounter, in which she wrote, " hey, tell me something, how do you handle having sex with ur wife.

When i am with him, i don't want to have sex, especially kissing, i would rather be by myself. What do i do? Once caught she has come clean about everything. And i believe that, especially since what she has told me has hurt so very much. She believed she loved him, and he her. Go get a room somewhere where u can have great sex for hours, especially once "P" My wife has sex with my friends the special pill i know he always keeps ready for his love interests But, i ask you is that real?

I'm gonna see you in My wife has sex with my friends few hours, i don't need to know what kind of panties u are wearing, i will see for myself if i want. Reality isn't this affair. Anyway, here i am now. Heres whats happening. She and I are in counseling for real this time, or so i think.

Once this went down, i left the house, went to a lawyer, etc She woke up from this alternative reality, and realized how she wanted to be with me and me only. Oh what i mess she said My wife has sex with my friends made, she wants us now and always. Can i believe her? I want to stay with my spouse, or I need to be with my lover.

I refuse to be the "whats right" guy. She has agreed to a Post Nuptual agreement. Meaning, my assets are safe.

As are hers. She basically won't take me to the cleaners if we do get divorced. She wants to stay together, go to counseling, has no interest in ever talking to "P" again. We have told the kids, we have problems, we My wife has sex with my friends them, but need to work this out apart.

We are living separately now, each spending time at home while the other is somewhere else. We have spoken more openly and raw in the past several days than we ever did. I'm sorry about that. Replied by bangity on topic my wife has had an affair with my best friend.

I am sorry. I am going through problem with infidelity and it seems like the other party does not care. She ran on a trip with some other dude. Interracial drunk sex orgy party, I am half your age and seeing what you are going through I probably wouldn't be able to take it.

If you love her, give her a second chance. However, she needs to ear that trust. You don't just give it to her. I once cheated emotionally for a couple months. But I was given a 2nd chance because I worked so hard for My wife has sex with my friends. People makes wrong decision in My wife has sex with my friends life.

You can forgive them the first time.

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