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So I found this really hot and sexy story online about Corbin Bleu and Zac Efron, and thought that you guys would all love it, so here it is: sorry its so long ; I think its really good so you should read the whole thing, it's so worth it! Zac Efron rolled over in his bed. Finally, a day off. Having just finished up High School Musical 2, Zac is looking forward to his first day off in a month. Zac gets up and walks over to the bathroom to check himself out.

Looking himself over, he admires his smooth, tan body. He scratches his chest and slowly moves his fingers over his boxer briefs. As he steps out of the shower, Zac hears his cell phone ringing.

Who else is coming? That was quick. So who else is Zac efron fake nude blogspot Corbin had an awesome house. Corbin started with the ball. He pulled a quick cross dribble on Zac and moved to the basket and scored. Corbin was a big trash talker, this kind of banter went on for the next few games. After four games, it was tied Zac tends to get real competitive, and he really wanted to beat Corbin. They were getting real sweaty and he was looking forward to having Corbin make him a drink.

The game went back and forth, it got real intense, but Zac ended up winning the game with a jump shot. I sure am thirsty. They jogged back to the kitchen, Zac gave Corbin a friendly pat on the ass. They were both very comfortable with each other, and neither of them thought anything of it. This time Corbin chose Vodka. He mixed the drinks and handed one to Zac. Zac took a sip. So what do you want to do now? They sat and watched TV. They flipped through for about a half hour but nothing was on.

For Corbin, the special Gatorade was beginning to kick in and he was getting bored with watching the TV. You are getting a little low. Zac went to hand his almost empty glass to Corbin when their hands bumped and Zac spilled the Gatorade all over his white shirt.

Zac was beginning to feel some effects of the Gatorade as well. This time with a little more vodka. Walking back, he handed him the drink and began talking. He took Zac efron fake nude blogspot hand back out, leaving a little more of Zac efron fake nude blogspot lump than was there before. Without thinking, he stood up and pulled the front of his shorts and underwear down over his cock and balls.

Black man! It was also much lighter in color than his cock obviously. The entire shaft was the same thickness with a large reddish head at the end. Zac was big, but he thinks he can beat him. Check this out! Corbin, still wearing his wife beater, pulled his shorts and underwear down to his ankles. All they knew was that they both wanted to win. Meanwhile Zac remained Zac efron fake nude blogspot and began to fiercely stroke his cock while fondling his golf ball sized balls with his other hand.

He was surprised that Corbin was that big. He still thought that he may be bigger though, if he could get hard enough. He looked down at his now fully hard cock. Corbin began stroking his Zac efron fake nude blogspot just to make sure that he was fully hard. To tell the truth, he had Fantasy lesbian vampires porn expected Zac to be as big as him, this was going to be close.

Corbin put the ruler at the base of his cock, he was not fully shaved like Zac, but he kept his pubes very short. Honey blonde hair color on black women grabbed the ruler and put it to his meat.

I win Zac efron fake nude blogspot Not knowing how to react, he slapped his hand away. How should we measure that? Corbin thought for a second. He was still a bit stunned over what he had just done. Zac began to gloat. I think Zac efron fake nude blogspot may be too drunk. For whatever reasonhe could not bring himself to look at Zac again. I am sorry I pushed you away, I just get a bit too competitive sometimes.

Lets call a truce. You got any good porn we could watch? I can do it in the bathroom if you want. Zac was not sure why but he was really liking the feeling of having his cock out for anyone to see.

It felt great to be so open. He looked at his cock and then back up at Corbin, who was also staring at his cock. But I will make us another drink since you won. Zac walked into the bathroom and began to admire himself in the mirror. Man, he really did have a nice body. His chest was well Zac efron fake nude blogspot and he counted 6 abs as he grazed his hand over his stomach towards his cock. I wish it would always be this big. Corbin was still in the kitchen.

Zac pulled his shorts all the way down and began to watch himself jack off in the mirror. A little bit of precum began to leak out of his cock so he grabbed it and used it for some lubrication.

He kept on thinking about it as he stroked his 10 inches faster and faster. Corbin walked back towards the couch with two fresh vodka and Gatorades. He put the drinks down and glanced directly at Zac. He was feeling quite drunk and was starting to not care about what anyone would think. After all, Zac did leave the door open, and he wanted to do it on the couch. He was about to cum, all he was thinking about was how Corbin touched his cock.

He opened his eyes to watch himself cum when he saw Corbin standing there. About to explode he Amateur girls gone wwild to him. That was all it took to send Zac over the edge.

He just knelt there as shot after shot of warm semen covered his face. After about the sixth squirt, Zac opened his eyes and looked down at Corbin. Corbin's left eye was shut and covered with a huge glob of cum. There was also a large string looking piece hanging down from his fro. The rest of the cum seemed to have accumulated on his chin and was now dripping off onto the floor.

Corbin grabbed the towel from Zac. He still could Zac efron fake nude blogspot believe what just happened. Why didn't I get out of the way when Zac's cum hit my face? I don't know what came over me. I want to be alone for a Naked black women pissing Corbin stood up, put his head down and walked towards his room.

Zac felt a little bit bad and called after him, "Corbin man, like I said, I hadn't been laid for a while. I was just too horny buddy. Its not like we are gay" "I I know man, you know its just You don't have to leave, I am just gonna jump in the shower.

The distinct smell of Zac's cum was still in his nose and he had yet to spot the cum dangling from his curly brown locks.

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