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When the talks come to describing male genitalia, I e, the penis, there are some words used as a synonym. These words are sometimes funny, weird as well as irritating and it all depends on where you use these nicknames, Slang names for penises you use it and what is the context of using it. The penis is called by different names owing to different locations, the slang words used for it, and the variation in the name that is the result of modernisation of civilization.

So, as we just Slang names for penises above, we would be covering here the list of penis names that are most often used and are very popular among the general mass around us to be used. So far we have discussed the common and general nicknames. Now its time to discuss and mention those names that can make you just laugh over and over again, whenever you use these names, in fact, the women love to call their partner with these names very often.

There is umpteen number of slangs for penis that our society has come up with time. The truth is that Slang names for penises since the dawn of man, guys have been thrilled to discover they own a penis.

However, the slangs were always there in the past and will always remain in the future as well, for these names are too funny to be called and one can just enjoy calling penis with its nick names. There are certain names that almost everyone loves to use. We are sure you must have chosen a few names that could suit you for your daily or regular use of them and would be using them Slang names for penises today, we would request you to share these names with your peers Slang names for penises friends as much as you can.

Also, do let me know your comments and views upon our this idea of introducing you to names. Copyright

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