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Our desire to connect is primal, but our daily lives are often physically disconnected. When nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities were stolen from Apple's iCloud and leaked online, the online privacy debate went viral. The incident also highlighted how popular the practice is: 54 percent of U. Sending racy texts, nude photos or explicit videos is most common among the age group, with 70 percent saying they've received such a message. With the risks so obvious, why do people do it?

Basic human instincts, experts said. Our desire to connect is primal, but our daily lives are often physically disconnected, said Dara Greenwood, an associate professor of psychology at Vassar who studies mass media's impact on our perceptions of ourselves.

Combined with the capabilities of today's technology, the selfie seemed inevitable the naked selfie is an even more loaded phenomenon, she said. In some basic sense, we take selfies because we can. Life and love consultant Emily Straubel agrees, and says that sexting can be a positive method of expressing sexuality Girls taking naked pictures of themself relationships -- as long as a quick discussion of ground rules is established first.

Base human traits are the motivation. And in the context of a relationship, it feels safe, she Girls taking naked pictures of themself. When we see celebrities doing it, we're even more apt to snap those revealing shots -- again following a "fundamentally human phenomena that predated all this modern technology," Greenwood said.

Some Free porn movies nude types are more likely to engage in photo-based social media trends, Greenwood and Straubel said.

People who are compelled by the idea of fame are more likely to follow and interact with celebrities online -- but they "may also end up feeding the very anxieties that motivated them to begin with Am I important?

Am I good enough? When people become too accustomed to looking at themselves from the outside in, she said, they Girls taking naked pictures of themself wind up putting too much emphasis on sex appeal -- making themselves overly vulnerable to the responses of others.

This may be especially true of adolescent sexting, which comes with its own unique dynamics, according to recent research.

Indeed, there's a fine line between suggestive and exhibitionist, Straubel said. In the end, the technology may well enable social connection and self-worth, but in some cases it may also end up alienating us, unintentionally preventing us from more authentic communication and more multi-dimensional ways of being who we are, Greenwood said.

Because the act is so rooted in human nature, though, experts believe the trend will continue. Nude photos of actor Jennifer Lawrence were ripped from Apple's iCloud. Every smartphone is attached with a camera and to the Internet, so it was inevitable that our vain Girls poop in toilets would take full advantage of the technology, snapping endless photos of cats and, of course, ourselves.

Selfies -- or 'self portraits' to the uninitiated -- have become such a cultural phenomenon that Oxford University Press has declared 'Selfies' their word of the year. This may sound asinine, but Merriam-Webster Dictionary balanced it out. Lesbian ass fingering porns the spirit of Girls taking naked pictures of themself, I've combined the two words of the year and applied them to robots.

Yes, robots. Robots that explore space, doing science. And just in case you didn't know, robots can be pretty vain too, taking snapshots of their junk for the whole Internet to see.

To narrow the field down a bit, I've only selected robots that have photographed parts of their own structure, or attached components. I've also Girls taking naked pictures of themself the occasional robotic camera that was deployed for the sole purpose of taking a selfie. The first robot that likely comes to mind is the undisputed. The car-sized rover impressed the world with its selfie prowess when mission scientists released a stunning high-resolution mosaic of the rover in Novemberonly a couple of months after it landed inside Gale Crater.

But Curiosity certainly Phoebe thunderman nackt porno hd the first robot on Mars to snap its own picture, and it won't be the last.

Although the Girls taking naked pictures of themself landers that touched down on the Red Planet in didn't have robotic arm-mounted cameras capable of taking a "true" selfie, they did their best.

This view. As you've probably guessed, Girls taking naked pictures of themself a robot on another planet to take self portraits isn't for fun even though the outcome. In the case of Viking and Curiosity, engineers on Earth can study the photos to see the condition of instruments on the robots' 'decks.

As shown here. It was also great for keeping track of the build-up of Martian dust on its panels. In this photo taken inSpirit's solar array shines in the sun, having collected only a very thin layer of dust two years after it landed. Spirit's twin rover Opportunity soldiers on to this day, exploring the Martian surface after nearly a decade since landing.

Currently exploring the edge of Endeavour Crater, helping to piece together clues of Mars' evolution complementing the science being done by CuriosityOpportunity is no stranger to taking its own photo. As Spirit and Opportunity were designed to the same specifications, Opportunity can also take degree views and monitor dust build-up on its solar panels. Seen here. No, robotic Mars explorers aren't especially fond of sefies, it's just that NASA has sent a lot of Mars surface missions in the past few years.

Seen here inNASA's Mars arctic lander Phoenix took its own photo using a mast-mounted panoramic camera in a similar style to Spirit and Opportunity. It seems that the first rule of robotic selfies is: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Now for something a little different. Inthe European comet-chasing spacecraft Rosetta made close approach with Mars, coming within 1, miles of the surface, using the planet for a fuel-saving gravity assist. But during Girls taking naked pictures of themself flyby, the spacecraft managed to snap this iconic photo of Mars from space.

What makes. Leaving Mars, we now head to Venus where, inthe Soviet Venera 13 lander managed to survive the hellish conditions and transmit data for two hours. In that time it also returned some color photos of the Venusian surface. In those photos, the hardy lander was able to capture some of its jagged landing gear at the bottom of the shot.

Tamil saree girls sex image may not be perfect, but while sitting in a pressure-cooker with a limited amount of time to return valuable data, it's a superb effort. In a video released by the Chinese Space Agency of the Chang'e 2 lunar orbiter inthe view shortly after launch was captured by a camera overseeing the deployment of the mission's solar panels.

Courtesy of the Planetary Society's Emily Lakdawalla. What's that huge UFO that photobombs the shot? The Japanese Hayabusa asteroid sample return mission got a little creative with this selfie effort.

Inas it approached near-Earth asteroid Itokawa, with the sun at its back the mission snapped its shadow falling on the sunlit asteroid surface. Thank you. Emily Lakdawalla. Special thanks to all my Twitter buddies who engaged in Wednesday evening's conversation about robot selfies! Can you think of more space mission "selfies"? Feel free to share them in the comments below. By DNews. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Email.

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