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This is the first instalment of a two-part interview, taken from the summer issue of Dazed. You can read the second half, featuring Kirsten Dunst photographed by Casper Sejersen, later today. But we were just being so ridiculous. He may be dead. Though the two had been acquainted through Coppola and other friends over the years, they found Elle fanning see through rare closeness working amid the dusty antebellum plantations outside New Orleans.

At times, to hear them talk about their newfound friendship is so extraordinary that it borders on the supernatural. Elle Fanning: The Virgin Suicides was, and still is, one of my favourite movies.

I have a Virgin Suicides poster on the wall in my bedroom. And Marie Antoinette I saw in the theatre. I was off somewhere with my grandma and I had seen that it was coming out and really wanted to see it.

But I was young at the time. Kirsten laughs It was your butt! Elle fanning see through had no idea. I met Elle through Dakota. But I remember first seeing her in The Door in the Floor because she was so cute and so good as a little thing!

Elle fanning see through then I saw her in Somewhere and I just felt like she was so natural and magnetic Elle fanning see through watch. Have you seen it? And then I saw Kirsten and I remember us saying how we both wanted to do it together. How different is the dynamic between Edwina and Alicia from the one between Kirsten and Elle? Kirsten Dunst: When I have friends or family come visit me on set, I get very self-conscious because they know me so well. And the more Elle and I got to know each other, the more we became friends.

We even had a few sleepovers during filming. So when you have to act in front of your friend you get really self-conscious. Nicole Kidman would be like…. We Elle fanning see through just explode. Kirsten Dunst: Even Sofia would lose it sometimes. My mom normally goes with me to set, so this was the first time I went alone. It was kind of special, in a weird way — Elle fanning see through going off to college, the first time leaving home and having that experience.

And my mom knows Sofia and Kirsten, so she felt comfortable. I felt very Elle fanning see through. So mine was a semester abroad type of feeling. But I was with adults. Elle Fanning: …and the Uber drove up to another cab and exchanged thousands of dollars. In cash! Kirsten Dunst: This is in Elle fanning see through daylight. You owe me! Dazed media sites. Elle Fanning — Summer 7. Kirsten Dunst: Oh, my.

Elle fanning see through did The Beguiled come to you both? Both: laughing Very. What was it like being on set in that antebellum mansion? Kirsten Dunst: Yeah. What was the weird cab experience? Kirsten Dunst: Oh, you tell it. Elle Fanning: I was just scared out of Free porn for mobile phone mind, but Kirsten was totally fine. Kirsten Dunst: We were in an Uber… Elle Fanning: …and the Uber drove up to another cab and exchanged thousands of dollars.

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