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Public Announcement This company should be inspected before it is allowed to conduct any further business with the general public. The company sent my package Parcel Select which is the cheapest and the slowest form of sending mail. My product ended up in California and stayed there for a while. How could a company knowingly put out such embarrassing products? Unfortunately, because of the lack of pride, dedication, and loyalty to their own mission statement. I can not support such a brand and WILL be seeking a full refund minus of course the return postal.

I have several pictures and video to reinforce my claim of subpar products and proof of an undisputed refund of money. If the company chooses to not return said money Evidence of further shady business practices, the company didn't email me an order or a tracking number until I called them.

When I did manage to get a live person she told me they the company she represents do not send out either. How is one supposed to track a package or show proof of purchase?

Spoke to customer and told her to return item and we will reimburse her fist if wig and postage cost also. I ordered a wig on My credit card was charged Adult gold hair medal video away, but as of todayI still have yet to receive my merchandise. I am done with Gold Medal. I do not understand the details of the customer's issues.

We shipped her a 5 pound jar of Hair Formula. Why she says she did not receive "the whole 5 lbs" is puzzling. I weighed other jars we have here and they are all over 5 lbs by an ounce or two. If hers is less than five Regarding the other product, we do not have a gallon size of shampoo in stock, so I send her over a gallon of shampoo in smaller size jars.

If she is unhappy with the order, she can return any portion of it for a refund. Which is our standard policy for any dissatisfied customer.

This Company it just trying to keep my money. In order for the Revdex. Sincerely, [redacted]. We malied 3 letters asking do our payment including the banks fees. To date we have not received any payment or our products back to date. We mailed customer a letter to the nformating her of that So at this time their is no further action we can take at this time,Any questions please feel free to contact us at - - or fax - Thank you. Review: I ordered a 5 pound Power Gro Hair Formula and Never received the total 5 poundsDesired Settlement: At this point, I just want a refund of my order since they refuse to answer the phone, respond Adult gold hair medal video my emails or try to rectify the situation in any way.

Another item I purchased was a 1 gallon item that they didn't even bother Adult gold hair medal video notify me was NOT IN STOCK in that size, and they just replaced it with many smaller Nude in seetha latest hd of this type in the box which was ridiculous because the box broke in transit Adult gold hair medal video items were lost from the box.

Another 1 gallon purchase I made was sent to me in many bottles of smaller sizes too. It would have been nice to have been notified of this before they went through with breaking it into smaller items so that I would have been afforded the opportunity to receive a refund then and there.

Business Response: I do not understand the details of Adult gold hair medal video customer's issues. If hers is less than five pounds then I would appreciate a specific explanation of the weight of the jar she received.

Review: Gentlemen:I placed my order for 1 product on Jan. I inquired about it on Feb. On Feb. Yes, they had it from my order!! I gave it to them. They informed me that they had sent my order to another address. I gave them my current address again and told them that I hadn't live there for over 10 years. They have stopped Adult gold hair medal video with me. You can never speak with anyone when you call their phone number. Not even to place an order! All you get is a recording telling you to inquire about orders via email.

I haven't heard anything from them. The company can put it back on the credit card I used when I placed my order. Or they can cut me a check. Review: Gold Medal hair company is in error now with me Customer [redacted].

I was an existing customer at the time and had now problem up until My recent order or last gold medal hair order. I sent gold medal a I never received this order nor was any money return to me. I alert and told gold medal of my non deliver of hair products of which this was a catalog prepaid mail order. I was an exiting customer so an had no problems with gold medal catalog order,sending in full payment before any order was sent This was standard procedure for this company. My complaint is I have experience severe hair loss due to gold medal company not responding or lack of caring.

I ask for my money back after explaining my situation and gold medal never sent me my full payment back. Postal Money order was cashed by gold medal because I track it that with my post office. Gold medal was contacted by me several was email and mail and several times. I complaining about how gold medal handle my customer service complaint and continues to ignore my issue with their company now. I would like my money back in the full amount that I prepaid. I never got any of my products that I order.

I paid for nothing. I told the company that is consider theft that someone in the company is responsible for non deliver of my products that Adult gold hair medal video claim to have sent. Have no products and no money back and my hair was loss due to gold medal hair company not responding.

Desired Settlement: I would like gold medal hair company to send me my entire hair care Adult gold hair medal video now for free along with my full money back in the amount of I can never get the hair that I loss.

For lack of not paymentI was not able to buy any hair products else where. Had gold had return my money I could Adult gold hair medal video brought my hair products else where and not have loss any or Peter north fawna latrisch of my hair. Review: Online Gold Medal products had the wig Moka. I ordered under their color chart the color Lt. Blonde mix.

However, when I received the wig today it was the color gray. I went to the site. They have completely took the wig offline.

They marked my receipt Adult gold hair medal video final sale, no return-no refund. That was not know at the time of sale.

What's even more horrible is they sent me the wrong color wig to top it Big tits redhead porn. I sent an email, but according to their record on the Revdex. Sorry I did search for information on the company Adult gold hair medal video I ordered.

Blonde mix wig. Business Response: Spoke to customer and told her to return item and we will reimburse her fist if wig and postage cost also. I have not Adult gold hair medal video my order. I called about a week and a half ago to see where my order was but there was no represenative.

Therefore, I emailed them last week on their website and it said I would be contacted in three days. However, It has now been 7 days. I am now making a complaint on the Revdex. Desired Settlement: To respond in a timely manner to dicuss my order and a refund. Have you had any experience with this company? Share it by adding a review! Satisfaction rating:.

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