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Why TF they would change this platform so drastically after all these years is beyond me but I guess there is no shortage of bad ideas in the world. OK got that out of the way. I was recently reminded of the existence of many, many, many of these Altec C microphone preamp modules.

According to the spec sheet it is full-frequency. It has an input transformer and can pass the DC supply Vintage altec lansing mic pre as phantom power if wired as such.

Years ago I had an Altec mono sound-reinforcement mixer that used these things; it sounded fine. But first: I had to know. Following the advice Vintage altec lansing mic pre in this online forumI figured I would wire one up with a 1K pot strapped to the output, feeding a high-quality transformer. Here are some photos of the assembled unit so you can see how it all went together. As the photos reveal, the case is comprised of a U-shaped black body with a bolt -on bottom cover; the front and rear faces are polished aluminum and simply slot into channels in the body.

VERY sturdy and attractive. If anyone know of a comparable modern product line, please LMK in the comments. In the photo above front panel, rear view you can see the the pot on the lower left; above is the power switch and a 5W ohm resistor that drops the 20VDC from the regulated Dell Laptop supply free at a hamfest!

Any advice on this that does not require a voltage regulator, pls LMK in the comments…. Anyhow, on the right is the C module, mounted in a standard octal tube socket. Will def be usable for recording. Unfortunately, the frequency performance of the unit is nowhere near the stated specs.

Why this is I am unsure. The only external elements in the signal path are the pot and the Jensen Transformer; I certainly trust the stated specs of the Vintage altec lansing mic pre, and if the source impedance of the C is truly 10 ohms, it should have no problem driving a 1K pot.

Signal ref is sine, db, 1K hz. One final note, and important if you attempt to do this same sort of thing. The first had a very subtle high-frequency whine, and the other had a non-functional gain pin it was stuck in a low-gain setting, likely indicating a short within the unit.

If I had not had extra Cs around, this would have been an intensely frustrating exercise. The piece you see above is my homage to the Western Electric 43A.

The 43A, as far as I can determine, was the first audio amplifier developed specifically for cinema sound.

According to online sources, it was released in or — a year or two Vintage altec lansing mic pre the first optical-track sync-sound film was shown publicly.

Above, a pair of these systems, as seen recently via a dealer in Japan. I wanted to use large, dramatic NOS tubes, but at a low cost; coke-bottle 6L6G would be nice but two matched pairs of those would be very pricey. Basically a 6L6 with the plate in the top-cap.

I chose the Altec A circuit aboveas I have built several Altec and they sound great, and this is essentially the same circuit but using one fewer tube per channel. Since the Free hardcore porn sites construction of this thing was going to be a major PITA, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible electrically.

In order to keep hum induction to a minimum, I used aluminum wherever possible in the build. The PT is a pull from an Eico Vintage altec lansing mic pre, which has more than enough current-handling ability for this device.

Vintage altec lansing mic pre knob in the center is simply an on-off power control. This was a very difficult build in terms of the metal work. Getting all the various subchassis to line up was difficult but worth it in the end.

The use of all Hammond-brand metal components ensured that the black finish es would all match and thereby present a unified appearance. Vintage altec lansing mic pre in two parts due to file size. This promises to be an interesting unit. The unit promises to add distortion, and there is some sort of low-pass network before the 3rd grid that will also need some sort of variable components added Vintage altec lansing mic pre order to control the quality of that distortion.

Above: this one caught me by surprise. Neil Young endorses Altec PA kit in We see the Altec A console and A powered speakers. Apparently Don Ellis and Merle Haggard were also endorsers at the time. Altec equipment was no longer state-of-the-art studio gear by this period, but they seem to have enjoyed continuing success with sound reinforcement. For a full catalog download that discusses much of the equipment featured, click here and visit this earlier post.

Above: The Altec A. Units discussed, with text, specs, and images, include: AC 4-channel preamplifier; T power amp; T amp; and A speaker systems. Above: Belden, and microphone cable. I still use Belden for Kat von d nude ass studio hard-wiring tasks, although I have to admit that I am very devoted to Canare StarQuad for actual mic cables. Anyone out there prefer Belden mic cable to the Canare?

Above: The Altec A omni dynamic. This one looks very strange. I am very curious to know what it sounds like. The Altec M20 condensor microphone. These seem to still be is use in studios.

See below for scan…. Add to that likely provenance the fact that only a handful of these units were ever made and you have a very unique piece of audio history on the block. A few things worth noting: the JJ multicap above the blue LCR cap is of recent manufacture, indicating recent servicing. The mains transformer far left was necessarily replaced to facilitate easier use in a v country. Is it a 2nd output transformer to allow of use of a T-pad attenuator on the output while retaining output balance IE.

Getting back to the front panel, we see evidence of the modifications that EMI made in order to make the B more useful in the studio. Anyway…those of you who have been following PS dot com for a while will know that I have a tremendous interest in these Altec compressors; I have restored Vintage altec lansing mic pre, modified them, scratch-built them, and use one regularly in the studio.

Adding a balanced output attenuator to an Altec compressor. Altec made a great number of different microphone models in the s and s. During this period Altec also made a variety of conventional-looking dynamic microphones, some of which have quite good specs on paper.

In each of the three tracks, you will hear a new-ish Shure SM57 in the left speaker, and the selected Altec mic in the right speaker. I chose an SM57 as a reference because it is a microphone that most of us are very familiar with and it is often used to mic electric guitar amps. I placed the mics a big further back than I would generally use a dynamic-mic on a guitar amp in order to minimize any differences that might result from the slight variation in mic placement in relation to the amplifier.

All signals were taken from the microphone into identical Sytek mic Vintage altec lansing mic pre and then directly into Aurora Lynx convertors and into Protools.

No processing whatsoever was used other than minimal Digidesign MAXIM on the bounce-buss to ensure strong playback level; it was taking off 0. Levels were matched initially by running a 1K tone into the guitar amplifier and then fine-tuned on playback to within the tightest possible margin. Vintage altec lansing mic pre a listen and draw your own conclusions.

My quick assessment: the sounds pretty similar to the 57, but IMO a lot prettier, a lot more detailed, and just more presentable in general. The sounds thinner than the 57; bass is notably lacking and there is an aggressive character to the mids. Not sure that I would Vintage altec lansing mic pre select this mic for anything.

Might make a good under-snare microphone. All of these forgotten Altecs are available cheaply on eBay from time to time. What purpose can programmed sound serve in our environment? Communication of information. Marking boundaries of different spaces. All of this happens in the environment of an airport. We need to know if there has been a gate-change for our flight.

We enjoy some sort of distraction or amusement while we wait. We expect one sort of sound in the airport bar, and another at the gate. But how about… changing the mental state of an unsuspecting listener by lulling them into an acceptance of their relative insignificance in the universe in order to help assuage their fears of possible imminent death? Talk about turning the problem on-its-head. I should say at this point that I am an unabashed huge fan of Brian Eno; IMO, there is no one person in the history of recorded sound that has been as able to imagine and exercise new potentials for audio.

We were discussing the programming of audio in public spaces — shops, restaurants, etc. Well done Eno. This is why Altec Lansing, pioneer in integrated sound systems, has stressed aerospace-level reliability in every… component.

Altec stresses here that lack of reliability, such as it might result in the mis-cue of important verbal flight information, can potentially cause danger and panic.

Eno took this one step further by understanding that the music-programming of the environment can also have a dramatic effect on the mental state of the customers; and he systematically set out to design sound-pieces that maximize the potential of the sound-system Vintage altec lansing mic pre comfort those customers.

Products discussed include the Vintage altec lansing mic pre, and microphones; various compressors and power amps; and audio-signal distribution equipment. Altec C Spec Sheet Download.

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