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Police officers posed as employees at Angel Massage in Fresno. A tip led detectives to Angel Massage and after scoping out the foot traffic, officers knew it was a good spot to serve up a search warrant. With the help of the FBI, officers first arrested the workers inside, then took over the business.

But they wired and rigged it up before Thai massage guide erotik gratis it, posing as massage therapists. Sean Biggs. Three women working inside were taken to police headquarters and booked. The ladies only spoke Mandarin Chinese. They were cited for operating a house of prostitution. Detectives are treating them as victims, but they didn't have much to say to police about the business.

Once officers went to work, one man after another came in - for more than a massage. That's when they were told they were under arrest for solicitation of a prostitute. They didn't want to be caught in a situation they were caught in. Some cried knowing that their names will eventually made public as part of Operation Reveal. Officers say it was clear some of the male patrons weren't first-time visitors, but it was their first time confronted by a cop.

Every ticket issued was a first-time offender. Detectives say one clue a business may be operating illegally is through some North dakota girls nude self shot offered on the massage menu. Basically a four hand is literally four hands, meaning two girls, so that would be a pretty good red flag. We take very seriously people having businesses that Thai massage guide erotik gratis neighborhoods adversely, such as these massage parlors, that are really prostitution dens.

Not gonna happen," Garry Bredefeld a Fresno city councilmember said. I really feel for my Fresno erotic massage addicts. Where I'm from, the only erotic massage pitfalls we face are the odd dry handjob or the occasional elderly masseuse. I can't imagine the horror of negotiating some juicy extras and the only dirty talk from the masseuse is "you have the right to remain silent" - how quickly must that deflate an erection?

So in Thai massage guide erotik gratis joint operation between Fresno police and the FBI, all they managed to charge were three Chinese masseuses and 15 guys number was mentioned in another article looking for a massage happy ending.

The police of course know that this type of bust targeting the criminal enterprise of the infamous " rub and tug clan" generates all sorts of negative buzz so they swiftly default to the "human trafficking" spiel so we feel like people are being saved and not just a bunch of horny dudes being prosecuted. Hate to break it to officer IQ, but I've had four hands massages in upscale places like international hotels without Thai massage guide erotik gratis hint of a happy ending Thai massage guide erotik gratis it's a pretty shitty redflag!

I'll stop ranting as these type of busts tilt the fuck New dating site in world of me and I'll touch on how you can avoid this type of bullshit in a future update. Until then, enjoy the massage porn and I'll have a new erotic massage update milked out during the week.

Click above to see Ariana fucked hard in high definition. Our Friends. Fake Photos in online adverts. Today's update on our ever growing erotic massage guide will be on the topic of fake photos. Fake photos from massage parlors is a common erotic massage scam that you'll undoubtedly face in your dogged pursuit of a happy ending. Not surprisingly, there's always scams to be found when a masseuse is attempting to part money from the wallet of Thai massage guide erotik gratis horny customer.

Fake Photos are probably the most frustrating scam, you're chasing a juicy handjob or blowjob but end up with the ConJob. We tend to like our masseuses to be young and hot as nobody likes to get jerked off by a lady named Mildred or Dorothy.

Most of the massage parlors or private girls working from home will use online advertising platforms to promote themselves. The problem is there's tonnes of competition and the girls know that a picture of a comfortable massage table isn't going to be enough to lure you in. If I'm browsing adverts, I'm not going to stop at one advert and think "wow check out the thread-count on those towels!

So the Thai massage guide erotik gratis bosses started posting pictures of the masseuses supposedly working at the parlor as that WILL draw in the horny guys. Now I'm certain in the early days of the internet, the girls posted real pics but they swiftly realised that guys don't want a massage from a creature that looks Thai massage guide erotik gratis she's from the Upside Down.

So that's Jessica biel nude powder blue the fake photos started to creep in and once one massage parlor started, the rest followed suit and we now have tonnes of adverts where every masseuse Thai massage guide erotik gratis like she's hot enough to be in a K-Pop group.

As a customer this is fucking annoying as you turn up expecting a massage from the cute girl from Crouching Tiger but instead get jerked off by that creepy old bitch with the blowdart contraption. Some of you are probably saying "C'mon dicklips, surely it's not as bad as you're making out?

Ok let me illustrate with some real adverts that I found. We'll break it down into sections shortly but before we do, here's a few common photo tactics by the businesses who post these fake photos. The ugly older sister strategy is when the massage parlors inject lookalike fake photos amongst the real photos.

They then claim it's the same girl if queried. Here's a perfect example. Cute blonde girl with glasses tits guys will just see the seductively posed, hot, bunny-faced girl on the left and start running towards the car with wallet and erection at the ready.

Most customers would hopefully question why they have to get massaged by the lady who looks like her handjobs smell like methadone when the picture was clearly of a girl much hotter. In these cases the shop always plays the "same girl - look, same clothes! Another great example. We have the lovely air-force captain on the left that would have me ejecting in enemy hands at the speed of sound and the older spitfire on the right that I simply don't want buzzing my engorged flight-tower.

I'm sure when customers question the fact that their masseuse looks twenty years older than the first girl they get told "is me Thai massage guide erotik gratis old photo honey". The hilarious Thai massage guide erotik gratis is that I had to crop out the fact that a little kid was taking a photo of the lady Thai massage guide erotik gratis the right, always a concern when your children are tasked with taking the skanky photos!

This fake photos scam is when the massage parlor simply can't be fucked with posting any real photos amid the fakes so they just go all out. Every girl pictured looks like she's from Playboy or a Japanese bukkake video. It's pretty hilarious as I see the photos and think "If that girl did happen to an erotic masseuse then she'd be jerking off prime ministers not perverts like me!

When you turn up and find none of the advertised girls working you'll be told such tales Thai massage guide erotik gratis "those girls are on holiday", "they left and we haven't had time to update Thai massage guide erotik gratis gallery" or "it's same girls, you need eye prescription not massage darling".

Here's some real example of girls that have been advertised as working at my local erotic massage parlors. Does anyone actually expect their erotic masseuse to look like this? Don't get me wrong, I've been massaged and jerked off by some stunning girls but turning up expecting girls like the ones above will lead to a disappointed penis boys. Thai massage guide erotik gratis photo's like the above are being posted then it shows the massage parlor has no problems scamming you Thai massage guide erotik gratis I'm willing to bet that your masseuse will end up looking like this instead.

This fake photos scam has become very popular of late. The scam involves posting fake photos as per usual but covering the girls face with some stupid emoticon or picture. What does this achieve? Dynasty warriors zhu rong hentai two things, they want you the punter to assume that this is a real girl who wants her identity hidden so nobody knows she's milking loads.

Thai massage guide erotik gratis, it just gives the owner an out when you say Thai massage guide erotik gratis that's not the girl from the photo" as you can't see her face so as long as she vaguely looks the same then they'll insist it's the Thai massage guide erotik gratis girl. Here's some example of emoticon masseuses. It's a fucking guarantee that none of these "shy" girls covering their faces will be found at the local erotic massage parlor and the only emoticon used during the massage session will be this.

In this devious scam, the Adult sex site toy web parlor posts a lineup of real pictures of the average looking staff and then one photo of an extremely beautiful girl. It just so happens that every time you visit, the stunner is sick, overseas, on her period or riding a fucking unicorn.

So above we have the wow lineup. You'll notice the first two ladies are pictured in the reception of the shop but strangely Coco is outside holding a bunch of flowers? Please don't keep going back hoping that she'll be there to hold your flesh-bouquet as Coco is just bait to lure you into the oily hands of the older ladies. Well that about covers the topic of fake photos so until next update, happy endings fellas. Fucked Hard 18 has hundreds of video's of girls getting fucked at the massage parlor.

Click above to see the video. Our Friends not fakes! Asian Massage Parlor Review. Asking for massage extras and a happy ending. Receiving an erotic oil massage part 1. Erotic Massage Parlors Exposed. Erotic massage parlor tips — Part One. How to get a massage happy ending? We'll break it down into sections shortly but before we do, here's a few common photo tactics by the businesses who post these fake photos; The pictures are often small and poor resolution so it's hard to make out exact details.

This is just another out for them as they can say "no sir, the Sasquatch I want to massage you is the same as the oriental princess in the photo, it's just a blurry photo" The Nudist family shower photos don't allow you to save the photo's or reverse google image them as you'd surely find Thai massage guide erotik gratis they are used on dozens of escort profiles.

I regularly find that many of the galleries are slow to load and hard to transition between photos. It could just be that they are hosted on shitty servers or is that my conspiracy boner tingling? Erotic Massage Fake Photos Scam 1: The ugly older sister The ugly older sister strategy is when the massage parlors inject lookalike fake photos amongst the real photos.

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