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  1. I want to humiliate myself for you. i want to suffer for you. not that i deserve it, but i would love to know if there is anything a slave lime me could do to entertain a goddess like you.

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Originally published in Verbicide issue I got to spend an evening talking to Tera and her husband, manager, and sometimes-co-performer Evan Seinfeld about love, marriage, politics, and having sex in front of people.

The fact that sex is their business gave me a passport into a hazy territory that is at once public and private, truthful and political, sacred and profane. I felt like a voyeur, but their responses confirmed that being a voyeur was my right, so long as they had extended the invitation. A few years before her marriage to Evan — bassist and vocalist of metal stalwarts Biohazard — she broke free from her contract in an ugly legal battle with Digital Playground and switched to Vivid Video.

It was with Vivid that she and Evan reigned in more control and a better contract. Still, it makes me wonder how far deep they really did let me in; if what they show me is what they show everyone else, is it all a show? The exhibitionist feeds the voyeur and the cycle feeds itself. When was the first time that you ever felt sexy? Oh lord, I guess when I got into high school and I started modeling. I went to a modeling finishing school, so, I guess Tera patrick pre boob job that Tera patrick pre boob job. I heard you first got started in this industry by posing nude, and I was wondering what you liked about that?

Well, I got started inand it was for Playboy magazine. I think what I love the most about it was knowing that I had been chosen out of so many other women to do the magazine. So doing the whole spread was Tera patrick pre boob job a great experience.

I posed for Penthouse right after Tera patrick pre boob job and they were really nice people — everything was so nice about the shoots. The photographer made me feel Tera patrick pre boob job — she put me in beautiful lingerie, the locations were beautiful…I think it was just the time in my life, I was 25 when I first started in the industry, and it was a very impressionable time for me sexually and emotionally.

And it was just nice. And had you ever done anything like that before? It was the first time I posed nude. I had been a model since I was I had been modeling for a very long time so modeling came very natural to me, but I had never been naked before.

Did it feel really different? Or did it just feel like modeling? For me it was very empowering — I felt very powerful being naked. I think that sex is obviously a very powerful tool and weapon, and I felt very strong when I was posing. And I felt like I was going to lure men to me, which has been the case…and women! Like I said, I was 25 and I was coming from working as a nurse.

But it does have a stigma, you know? Tennis jennifer love hewitt leaked are some the preconditions for the Tera patrick pre boob job of people that you want to work with? All the preconditions are different because everyone brings something different to Tera patrick pre boob job table.

What conditions do you consider unacceptable, that you will refuse to work under? Well, my sets are really easy. I own my own production company, so I do most of my own productions these days.

We try not to keep too long of hours. Everyone has to show up clean and enthusiastic. I think a good attitude goes a long way. And they bring their health tests? There was an AIDS scare in the industry in How does the industry deal with this? Is there a structured response? Tera patrick pre boob job if it gets out that one performer has contracted AIDS, is there a way that the information is relayed?

And someone could get sued. Did you ever feel pressured by trends in the industry? I know that in the past your natural body has been your championing point.

I was wondering if trends had anything to do with your breast augmentation. I think that if I had felt pressured Tera patrick pre boob job any trends I would have definitely done more Tera patrick pre boob job I did.

You can try to look the same, but I thought it was more of an enhancement — I wanted them bigger! What Tera patrick pre boob job would you give to a young woman entering the industry? But what about general advice? Not everyone can receive the same benefits. Everybody does porn for their own reasons, and yes, you can achieve success from it, but if you have any qualms about it…you have to realize that Kristen stewart naked pussy fuck is for the rest of your life.

Everyone is going to see you. You incorporated your own video company, Teravison. Can you tell me a little about it? Teravision is releasing one or two releases a month and they star me and my two contract girls: Nikki Benz, who is a former Jill Kelly girl but is now exclusive with me, and Yasmin Taylor.

All the fans have been asking about it. So we thought, okay, why not go to an island and do an anal scene? Oh no! Vivid is my distributor. How does marriage and being in love affect your work? Being in love is the greatest thing ever.

We have to separate our movie lovemaking with our home lovemaking. We take time for each other every day. We spend time together. I cook him breakfast before he goes off to work. We believe in each other and we respect each other. Or in general. So you were saying that you have to separate your movie sex life from your home sex life? Does it feel less intimate? I noticed in one of your diary entries that you hang out with your dad quite a bit — you go on vacation, you go visit him.

Was there ever a time when any of your family members had a difficult time accepting your career choice? I did theater and ballet. A lot of girls have opened their own websites and they shoot their own content. And they sell their panties and they are able to build a name for themselves just working on the Internet. It decentralizes everything. They just Tera patrick pre boob job to manage a website.

And fans love to see them in their pajamas doing a little chatting! I know my fans do. Are there any downsides to the Internet in your industry? Where do I start?

The people who take your images and start websites and charge memberships. Yeah, there are lots of downsides to the Internet. Why would you pay for it if there are people out there giving it away for free? Not many women watch porn. I was wondering if you think that they should. I have a lot of female fans that compliment me and tell me what a positive image I am.

What do they tell you they get from watching? Oh, everything. I masturbate to you. I have women coming to me from all walks of life.

Tera and I were talking about overcoming prejudices in the pornography industry. Did you have to overcome any prejudices when you first started seeing her? I totally thought that I knew what she was going to be like, what her behavior was going to be like. Every stereotype I had in my head about pornstars she broke for me.

Like what, for instance? Like all the pornstars and strippers that I ever hung around with were slobs. Messy, chaotic, and disorganized. Tera had an immaculate home.

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