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Satisfy the corresponding requirements to unlock additional modes and abilities, as outlined below. As with many animations in games, Resident Evil 6 allows you to prematurely "cut" a reloading animation by quickly selecting a grenade type item grenade, remote mine, first aid spray and then switching back to your firearm. As an alternative, you may also attempt to press the fire button without aiming to perform a gun-butt with the weapon, which also "completes" the magazine reload, but places your character in the gun butt animation.

This, and other actions taking cover, diving, etc. You can also try switching aiming side from left to right when Resident evil 6 skin nude character has already put the magazine on the weapon you hit the R3 right analog stick and it will switch aiming side and cutting the reloading animation.

This animation exploit allows you to cut down the animation cool-down periods for certain weapons notably the grenade launcherletting you fire the weapon a few moments earlier. This exploit does not apply to weapons with manually worked actions, such as the six-shot "Sniper Rifle", the regular shotgun, Piers' Anti-Material Rifle, etc.

Skill points can be time-consuming to get large amounts of for the most expensive skills, but certain areas allow you to collect more in short order:. Was Resident evil 6 skin nude guide helpful? YES NO.

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