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Sarah Bloom is a year-old photographer who makes her living by shooting weddings and portrait photography. Here, she tells us why she does it. A gallery, used with permission, appears after the interview. So why nude and why in abandoned buildings in Nude girl in abandoned building I had already been taking photos of myself naked to try Silver stars models cherish get more comfortable with my body.

I liked the nude form because of the vulnerability and fragility of our physical beings. And the buildings became a canvas, a backdrop for me. Sad and beautiful. Aging can be sad but also beautiful, and I try to embrace it as such. Women have more struggles as they age than men do. No one pays attention to them until something dramatic happens. And women have to get dramatic when they get older to get paid attention to.

It was an experiment. But I was trying Nude girl in abandoned building make it so that I was more of the environment. A lot of people shoot models — really pretty models — in abandoned buildings and fashion stuff. They like that contrast. I want there to be less of a contrast. I also tried baby powder to look like I was covered in asbestos. Then I started using dry-cleaning bags.

The sheet I have now is Porno, gros vagin noir, image plastic tablecloth. They have a big roll of it at the 5-and-dime in Narberth.

You can just rinse it off. What do your daughter and parents think of your work? My daughter is totally supportive. My mom is an artist. She was an art history professor. I grew up with art books around me, so a nude in art is not a weird thing, and I never made it a weird thing for my daughter. Do you mostly get permission to enter the abandoned places, Nude girl in abandoned building are you trespassing?

And a lot of them are also known spots that people are going into. Someone Nude girl in abandoned building that way in happen. Most of your photos are not captioned with a location. Artists, graffiti writers. Word gets out when something is open or not. It took me a while to get connected to that community in the Philly area.

I was blown away by how loving the community of artists and photographers are there. It was a lot harder to find that in Philadelphia. Have you ever been caught or had uncomfortable situations? Nothing bad has happened. I never go alone.

One time, in Philly — this was my closest call — we were on the second floor of a building, and we heard some loud talking outside. A woman in the neighborhood was there with the cops saying that she keeps boarding up the windows but people keep removing the door.

We were ducked in a hallway. A homeless guy in the building, he winds up being our lookout and helping us get out without getting caught. Last year, I wrote about a Philly actress who did a bunch of tasteful boudoir shoots for her 40th birthday and had some banned by Facebook.

People accused her of just doing it for the publicity. Do you worry about similar issues here? People will say that. Have you had any problems sharing them on Facebook? I am a total complier. I comply completely. I have too many friends on my friend list, I guess. It looked really scandalous. It was an optical illusion.

It looked like a crotch shot. From a technical standpoint, how do you do these? I have a timer remote Nude girl in abandoned building my soon-to-be-ex-husband made for me. It takes sets of three images, waits ten seconds, and takes Nude girl in abandoned building shot. When I get in, I walk around for a little bit and figure out where I see myself in the scene.

I pick a few spots and plan it out so once I take my clothes off, I can bam bam bam do Nude girl in abandoned building shots. Were you influenced by the work of Francesca Woodman?

Not directly. I worried that people would think I was copying her. Then I went to college at Syracuse. I Nude girl in abandoned building it, dropped out.

Then I was a drug addict for a while. Then I went back to school at Rosemont after I had my daughter and got a degree in English lit, because I knew it would be really useful. We decided it was time to do a show together. Search for: Nude girl in abandoned building. I'm a scraper This search result is here to prevent scraping. Get our weekly picks of what to do this weekend and the latest on Philly's arts and entertainment scene. Read More About: Art photography. Real Philadelphians Eat Tripe.

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