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Is she going to get in the shower with me? Don't worry. Then why does she need to wash me? And how will Hot shower nude mom soap down my back without looking, anyway? What if her hands went the wrong way?

Is she going to be in there naked with me? I wanted to say yes so bad it hurt. But was this real? I still don't know why, but I said, "Ok. I was just finishing high school. Never had a girlfriend, never been kissed. It's true that I thought about girls all the time, my sheets were wet every night with my cum.

It wasn't just school girls I fantasized about either. Hot shower nude mom nights I thought about Mom. How she'd bend over to say goodnight, almost showing me her breasts.

How she had sat on my bed next to me, her hand around my waste, touching my thigh and almost stroking my ass. And I'd masturbated countless times thinking of having sex with her. But this was different.

I figured she'd only Lesbians at clubs having sex my butt, it couldn't be so bad.

And, what if? The shower curtain slid open. I heard her feet land on the wet floor behind me. I held it under the spray. She reached past me to grab the soap from the dish. The quick glimpse I caught told me she was naked. A shiver went up my spine, and I started to Hot shower nude mom erect. I held the washcloth behind me, and she took it. Next I felt her hand on my shoulder.

The slight roughness of the cloth and the cleansing feel of the soap felt good, but there was something strange in the way she moved her hand.

Slow, gentle, like she wanted it to last a long time. I stayed still and let her do it, a gnawing feeling growing in the pit of my stomach. Slowly her strokes moved down, to the middle of my back, then lower. I wondered if she would wash more of me than she said she would. Part of me hoped so. Mom's hand then gently scrubbed up my right side, and then she touched Hot shower nude mom chest.

She moved her hand down over my body, and Hot shower nude mom my hips, then my ass. Her strokes felt more like loving caresses than scrubbing, and I felt sure this was going somewhere very wild. She continued, "You should let me wash you more often. Will you do that? It was Mom's breasts. Her soapy hands reached around between my legs and she started to stroke below my balls. Her fingers probed my sacs, then with her left hand touching one ball, her right hand grabbed my erection and moved slowly up toward the tip.

Her touch was exciting. It was so wrong, but I was so starved for Hot shower nude mom and I'd dreamed about Mom for so long I didn't care - Hot shower nude mom seemed to want this too, so who was I to say no?

Her hands let go of me, and in reaction, I turned around to see why. Now, I didn't give a thought to her seeing my erection. She stood there, her naked body inches from me. The blonde hair, green eyes just like mine, her youthful face that didn't look forty-something at all.

And her body. She had modestly sized, but beautifully shaped tits, small dark nipples, which stood hard before me. Her hips were voluptuously curved, the focal point being a dark bush hiding the place I came out of. Mom was sexy, and I wanted her. She handed me the washcloth and the soap. I started with her shoulders. She raised her arms and I followed down her side, and slowly, nervously moved my hand toward her breast.

She took the washcloth away. I was shaking as I stroked her breast. It was soft, yet firm, and I wanted so bad to feel it in my mouth, to suck it. I stroked her other breast the same way, pausing to feel the hardness of her nipple. Mom's eyes closed and she took in a deep breath. I caressed her belly, then ran both hands along her hips, drinking in the electrical charge I felt being there with her.

And then I ran one hand toward her bush. The hair felt just like mine. Her legs parted slightly, and I reached lower. Feeling heat, I started to pull away but she grabbed my hand and pressed it into her vulva. Her eyes closed again and her head tilted back a little. And I felt her hand on my erection, squeezing hard. I didn't Hot shower nude mom to cum yet, and pulled away. She seemed to have the same thought. She picked up the soap, put it in my hand, and said, "Here, wash my back.

I reached around her waist and began stroking the small of her back, our bodies moving close. In a full embrace, I stroked her back.

As she breathed, her breasts heaved against my chest, my erection firmly planted against Mom's belly. Her arms were around Hot shower nude mom neck, and I felt her breath in my ear. I moved both hands down to slowly stroke her ass. I loved the smooth, round feel of it. I thought about all the times I'd looked at Hot shower nude mom ass and how it seemed so sexy, and now it was mine.

I squeezed it. She whispered, " I think we're clean enough now, honey. Turn off the water. It seemed to be over, but I wanted it to go on. I searched her face for a sign that she wanted more, too. I'd already gotten more than I could ever hope for. Was it enough? We threw our towels in the hamper, and found ourselves naked together, there in the small bathroom.

Before I could formulate the question on my mind, Mom's hand slipped around my waste and she led me out of the bathroom, to her bed. Without a Hot shower nude mom, she lay down and waited, a twinkle in her eyes. I climbed onto the bed and lay beside her, facing her.

Still unsure, I waited for her to make the next move. She whispered, "Do you think about me when you play with yourself?

She put her hand on my thigh. I'm you mother, I make your bed and change your sheets. I do it. A lot. I know it's wrong. But Mature free porn cumming that shower it seems kind of ok. I climbed over and lay above her, my legs pressing against hers.

My boobs? Suck them, like when you were a baby.

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