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Addicted to sniffing used panties I don't how it came about but for years now I have been sniffing used panties which turns me on real hard I just love the aroma that they produce when there fresh and the women I chose were clean I had to pick when where and at the right time to get them right I have sniffed a few of my Girls sniffing panties stories my mums sisters a couple of thems panties and they are so yummy mature women my auntys are I would wait until everyone's off guard know where there dirty washing is who Evers house I'm at find the panties have a good sniff crotch only right where the pussy had been allday and all night and leave so releaved and look at my auntys thinking how good they smell etc etc never been caught one of my cousins I Tying up the penis with washing use to be in bathroom so I always went for a shower after her had the whole time I was in there to live my fetish she was so good down there my girlfriends mother I smell hers uhm her sister her brothers girlfriend I can't stop I love it.

My roommate caught me sniffing her thongs and masturbating on her bed. The bad thing is that she is my girlfriends best friend. I have always had a crush on Sandra Girls sniffing panties stories she knows it She told me to finish up and we watched each other masturbate. And she let me keep the panties. I can barely rember when i started fooling around with my cousin. She was three years older than i was, and i was always ok whih what she wanted to do.

At first she had me sniff her panties and lick her crotch. I didnt know tasting her pussy was "dirty". So one afternoon she sat on my face and as i felt her crotch on my mouth, she slid afternoon i the cotten panties aside and i had full access to both holes. My tonge in her pussy, and my nose in her ass. Jenifer did something my cousin hadn't though. I was shocked to feel her pull my Girls sniffing panties stories out and lick the head. I couldnt see her licking my cock because i had my cousins ass wrapped around my face.

Jenifer took my cock from my cousin and told me she wanted it. She barely got my dick to her mouth as i shot my first load of cum in a girls mouth. She took it all in her small mouth, but didnt swallow. She held it in her mouth like it was her prize.

She finally swallowed it and admited it tasted good. I spent the next three years eating her ass and pussy as she sucked my cock. Recently her husband jokingly asked me if i Girls sniffing panties stories any "dirt" on my cousin. I looked at her and she was blushing, but looked me in the eye and grinned.

Last Girls sniffing panties stories my sons hot young girlfriend did her laundry at my house. Girls sniffing panties stories they were upstairs, i walked into the laundry room and found a pair of her panties. I lifted her silky little size 2 to my face and inhaled her musky sent. I could just imagine how wet she was when wearing these.

I was so intoxicated with the sent I could not help but to take them into the bathroom. The gusset was small but Girls sniffing panties stories had a slit in-between the silky material and and the cotton. I proceeded to pull down my pants and slip my rock hard penis Girls sniffing panties stories the gusset. It stretched just enough to allow me to literally fuck it. It felt so good that soft material slowly grasping me!

I came within a few Girls sniffing panties stories drenching the panties with my cum. I put the panties back in the basket with out anyone knowing. Today she is here at my house and I can see the top of those panties peaking out the top of her jeans.

Rock Girls sniffing panties stories again! Damn I love her panties! My sister's boyfriend is into disgusting things and she won't do the things he wants to do so when she's not around he comes over and I fulfill his sick fetishes for him. I dress in pantyhose and heels and he licks the crust shit out of my ass as I fart in his face.

I admit it's super sexy and filthy and we both get off Estonian teen pic sexy much to it. He wears my crusty panties as he does it and I'll sniff them after he takes them off and I love the taste of it.

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