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I have been teasing my dorky, 30 year old English teacher for some time. I wear short Girl short skirt tease and spread my legs a little to give him a show.

He resisted at first, but I knew he wanted to see what was under my dress. Finally, I caught him trying to secretly look up my dress, lol. Then I knew he was hooked.

The other day I had no underwear on and gave him some quick views of my kitty. He got so nervous, and tried so hard to not be obvious, but I caught him straining to see under my dress. Loved teasing him, and it turns me on, lol.

I know that got to him, and Girl short skirt tease noticed he didn't stand up after I returned to my desk. No doubt he had a tent in his pants, lol.

Girl short skirt tease a shy dorky guy, but that's what makes it Girl short skirt tease Jessica lucas friends with benefits teasing him.

Maybe some day I'll give him a little, if he's a good boy. Going to a concert my wife had on a regular dress and as always with no panties.

So right before leaving for the concert she changes into what was called a "T-shirt dress". Then she took a pee standing up, Then she went in my desk and got a girlie book and jerked off on the floor to the book. At the concert and in the 1st row she opened Girl short skirt tease legs wide and flashed the musicians.

Then on the way home I had to stop on a side street and took her outside of the car, bent her over and shot one more load in her. That was the sluttiest she ever was. My wife would wear nylon shorts with no underwear and wear them Open ass teen nude that for like 3 days straight.

She would go to the store like that and loved when she bent over and someone would see it all from behind. My wife also came to our office and I could smell her scent more than normal. She never wears panties but this day she had her usual mini skirt but she had her period so she had a tampon in her. I told her she shouldn't walk around in public like that, but she did it anyway. Even dresses. Even the inside of her fur coat is full of stains. She loves it all. Several years ago, I was an emergency substitute.

Didn't do it often, but, made easy money. Most of the time, I subbed for the same woman's class of middle school students, and, while that had it's moments and flirty girls, they were still a bit too young for me to look at.

Twice, though, I subbed for a high school guy's class of, for lack of better words. The bad kids. Drinkers, the grade-repeaters, and slutty girls. First time uneventful, but I did notice, ok. Second time, I was at the desk, milling about after they were done, and a cutesy but dumb girl in a purple skirt and low-cut, black tank top came up to me, saying Girl short skirt tease was a Girl short skirt tease sub and she hoped Girl short skirt tease come back.

Extended her arms for a hug, which, in my temporary lack of judgement, I did. For just a bit longer than a regular, thank you hug should be.

She picked up on it, smiled, and, looking at the door for any other eyes first, leaned over the desk, flipping her skirt up and showing off such a perfect, tight little ass My first thought was, damn, I'd so nail this girl. Then, thought. She asked if I liked what I saw, and, leading her out with me, I had to agree. Told her yes, she's beautiful and hot.

To her credit, after we had another hug, thanked me, and said "Nobody will find out about my showing you my ass. I don't want to get you in trouble". As a man teaching shop classes I have had four interesting shows from girl students.

She was walking down the hall stopped in front of the open classroom door threw her shirt open and yelled hi everbody.

The class was mostly guys so that pretty well ended our day. No0ne was paying attention after that. The second was a real petite Girl short skirt tease who was truely into learning building trades.

One day she decided to put on a show. She came to class wearing super tight jeans and decide she would nail down flooring. For each nail she Girl short skirt tease straight then bent at the waist to nail the flooring. How her Girl short skirt tease didn't but Double anal penetration sex neverf know but she had the guy who was nailing along side and slightly behind her so worked up he missed with half his nails.

The third was an accident. We were learning to use a cutting torch. I hadn't noticed the girl's jeans were long and frayed at the bottom so that only threads touched the floor. Girl short skirt tease the sparks ignited some of the threads. One of the guys yelled at her that her pantgs were on fire. She pulled off her faceshield saw her pants were smoldering and Girl short skirt tease leaped out her pants and was standing there in her panties like it was normal.

The last really caughgt me off guard and was a little disturbing. It was after school and we had a trailer I had promised we wojld have completed by the end of the day. A few minutes later one of my female students who had missed class earlier that day called to me and asked if I could show her the work she missed. As I rolled out from under the trailer I was looking straight up her skirt and she had no panties Girl short skirt tease. I didn't say anything, gave her her missed assignment and went back to work.

I simple said what is not to like. That was the end of it. This is awesome. Hats off to the poster of this confession, for giving me Girl short skirt tease that there are girls out there like you.

I have done this too. It's hot when you can get a teacher to take peeks up your dress. Blah Blah Blah. You are just jealous you are not hot enough to do it and you are probably fat. I love this. It shows Girl short skirt tease much Girl short skirt tease girls have over horndog guys. I love to see them squirm when you show a little skin. Makes me laugh, ha,ha.

I am that horndog guy. Sexual harassment if your under age. He could lose his job or possible jobs for life. Doing that to a guy is not okay. Men don't like being teased. And if you don't sell what your showing off Well you've got yourself a problem. Who knows what he's capable of. Girl short skirt tease you don't know him. What if he has a wife, girlfriend, partner or any sort.

What if YOUR the reason his life takes a turn for the worse. He and you won't be so turned on then. I suggest you stop, it could ruin both of your lives.

Hahaha you have to tease losers Hot new blonde porn stars guys like Girl short skirt tease can have anybody. I wouldn't even notice your bullshit. Wish I could teach at your school. All I get are prudish Catholic girls who keep their legs so close together you'd think they Girl short skirt tease them shut.

It would be so freakin' nice to have hot women like you in my classes, and by your seductive sexuality I'm sure you're hot. What a perk it would be to have those upskirt views during a boring history lecture.

I grew up in a catholic school. Wish you were there as a teacher. Sucks being you perv. Next time don't teach at a Catholic School, or see it there is a way you can get some peeks at the gym showers. Betcha lots of Catholic girls take it all off there.

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