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All those guys sure never have seen a german girl! They have skins like a peach. Can you imagine them acting with sharp knifes? German girls are very clever. People like Heidi Klum and Claudia Schiffer have a whole team of people Do iranian women shave their pussies pluck, pull, and wax every undesireable hair off their bodies. Never mind the fact that most still photos of models are also edited to remove any kinds of imperfections on the skin. As a matter of fact, as a historian I would like to note that German women have shaved for years.

How on earth did that happen?!? I blame stumble, naturally :D. In the original music video to 99 red ballons she indeed displays quite a carpet under her arms. However you have to put this into context as this was Germany in the punk aera and of course one way the punk generation distances itself from socitey is through its disregard for personal hygene!

From personal experience i can say German women Do iranian women shave their pussies extremly meticulous about shaving arm-pit leg and thank god pubic hair! Many of the younger Fat black ass porn xxx of Germans of course have picked up on what is modern behavior.

I do know that still many Germans believe that people in the United States are to picky about hygiene. And many French also have this opinion. Being raised in the states,I have just always seen women with shaved arms and legs Smooth Skin appealing.

It does shock me to see fluff in the underarms of a good looking girl. Then again,How much is a disposable razor? I have had several German girlfriends, and they have been nothing Do iranian women shave their pussies hot and not hairy. Yes, they have let their bush be bush. But German women are amazing girlfriends and their bodies are wonderful. They love sex and are comfortable with being nude. Compared to english girls, the Germans are superior in all areas.

They tend to be healthier, cleaner and embrace a more natural attitude to life. They also are capable of serious conversation, where for only a minority, English women are not. My lovely Fraulein does not require shaving of her armpits nor legs. This might be unique, however it seems as though the original poster experienced this as well.

They cherish their bodies, have wonderful morals and from my experience, are unburdened with issues like their UK, USA, Spanish and French counterparts. Nothing like being approached by an odorous, physically appealing latina… LOL. German women are indeed unique in their beauty.

I come from Mexican families and i never imagined dating a blonde, blue-eyed German girl, but it happened. I am very happy with my beautiful blue-eyes german girl. Y ou can be either fat or obese, watever you call it i dont care. All this Predjudice is absolutly wronge. I was born in Germany and been there for half my life. I am looking to meet single german women Do iranian women shave their pussies Illinois and can not find any good sights to meet them on.

I speak fluent german but have only dated 1 german in my 41 years of living. I really want everyones help. As far as the one women she did not shave her armpits but it took her three months to grow even a little. German women are disgusting, dark and hairy. You get a little bit of blond and blue in the very east because the eastern half of modern-day Germany was once a Do iranian women shave their pussies of Slavonic lands which were assimilated by the encroaching Germans.

Plus, body type is that of a nasty pear, squinty Asiatic eyes, stocky Do iranian women shave their pussies and nasty facial structures. It is pretty sad that one of the last natural countries on the planet has taken on the image of the perfect women from Hollywood.

Indeed, even find them more attractive as natural presented as God created them. German women are very forward. They act slutty and forward and have intentions of sleeping with our men because Do iranian women shave their pussies pleases them.

I was warned by a Romanian woman Do iranian women shave their pussies watch out for the German women before we moved to Germany. I came back to the States before my husband, and guess what…he slept with one! Could anyone please tell me where in Hannover could i find such Do iranian women shave their pussies who are looking for some fun???

You can answer my question here or also send it to my email. Thanks a lot! There is nothing wrong or nonhygienic about not shaving legs. God gave us that hair and it is a ritual that is idiotic. I think it was started by the manufacturers of nylons. They thought the nylons looked better on the legs without hair. If a woman bathes her leg hair is clean. I have not shaved my legs in over a year and am used to how my legs look now.

Before I was brainwashed by Hollywood society but I do not care what they think anymore. Men have leg hair and are considered hygenic. Keeping oneself clean with or without hair is all one needs to do to be hygenic. IMHO more women need to think about this.

Many women did not shave in the US in the early s and it was fine with everyone until Hollywood and nylon manufacturing came along and lets not forget the shaving cream and shaving razors companies.

Does anyone care if a man has hair on his legs? No one should make fun of a woman who has leg hair if she dares to show it. As Do iranian women shave their pussies armpit hair keeping it clean will help it be hygenic. A bit of a smell is actually appealing to many men and women. I am a heterosexual woman. That is a myth. TO 23…martha. She says it is very beautiful in Germany but the hygenic habits of the people are questionable.

But I will agree Germans do shave, most women do but to say they have peach skin is an exaggeration. Ironically the American on the right is most likely of Germanic or Scandinavian descent. Being that she looks very mid-western. The German girls I met in Berlin were very fit and tall. Germans are obsessed with cleanliness. Every morning the woman scrub the side walks with only hot water, hot water!!

And they love techno, and sex clubs. The hairiest woman I ever saw happened to be a woman in Germany when I visited there many years ago. Hairy armpit, soft hairy skin and close pubic hair is Do iranian women shave their pussies sexy, whatever her race. Ask to all men. They will agree too. There are more men in America than it is known that are attracted to women with leg and armpit hair.

We do not think that a woman does not take care of herself if she does not shave. I think also that all of this shaving of pubic hair has driven alot of us to hate any shaving at all. If a woman is clean, the hair is not only no problem but very sexy to many of us.

A really good looking woman only makes it more sexy. Peach skin? God, I just wanna get tangled up in that dark, rancid hair. Well…the Generation of over 34 do have women who do not shave, or shave regularly. I used to work with this HOT German woman. Killer body. In Summer she had a tanktop once, and I could not belive it…. Do iranian women shave their pussies that was not Asian web cam clip one incident.

I have met more women with the same thing. The younger generation is generally up to date and really take care of themselves. Its nasty. I know some of you wanna be men women out there think that it is a way to proove something to the men in the world but its not, its just nasty.

So do us all a favor, if you dont shave then dont go outside. Why, whywhy is it that men who like hairy women are made to feel guilty, Do iranian women shave their pussies, embaressed etc.

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