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  1. Bebota, vos no tenes un culo, tenes una poesia que no me canso de leer. beso.

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Then send me your contortion story. The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French.

It should contain more than words. Send your story to info zlata. Sex is a fantastic thing and not much can top it, but there is one thing that can enhance it: contortion!

There was a young couple Contortionist sex zlata contortion were madly and passionately in love! They had met only a couple of years ago but already had formed such a close bond to one another and had already moved in, become engaged and started building their lives together. He was a handsome tall muscular man with tattoos and a solid build. She was a curvy woman with large breasts and a round bum and long black hair.

She loved how manly he was and how he and only he could make her feel like a real woman and a little girl at the same time and he loved the way she excited him and how easily her body could get him aroused. They were both very sexual people but after she became training as a contortionist there sex life became explosive!

It added a new dimension to play in the bed room and as Contortionist sex zlata contortion loved to dominate her already tying her up in flexed positions only added to both there pleasure!

It was late in the afternoon when he came home from work tired from a long day, she was in the lounge room stretching out on the floor. Doing a bridge she stood up out of it and kissed him to say hello then immediately fell backwards into a tight back bend again. She asked Contortionist sex zlata contortion if he would help her stretch he agreed to after he had a shower.

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