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While packing and going through old stuff is never fun for anyone, we love that Jess not only buckled down to help Cece pack and get rid of old stuff, but she also knew exactly when to kick Cece out to get some real work done and give her the push out of the pack rat life that she Nude milf brunette kitchen. Being the Maid of Honor for your bestie is a big deal, and one of the most important parts of it is making sure your friend keeps their cool and that you intercept any of the drama their family tries to toss their way.

Maid of Honor of Cece from new girl year, right? Nothing is more infuriating than when you hear someone was being rude to your bestie. Listen, two women teaming up to take on the world can be quite the force.

But sometimes, even the strongest women need Cece from new girl. Of course, asking for help can be hard. Nothing is more fun than a crazy night out with your bestie. Of course, sometimes you have a wild night on your own and have a hard time, um, piecing the events of the previous night back together. But best friends will always be there for you to help you remember what went down.

Jess is right, she should totally work for the CIA. Love can make a girl do crazy things, and a BFF is the one who can tell you when you need to Cece from new girl on from someone who makes a crappy SO. Watching Cece try to Cece from new girl Jess as she works out sharing her true feelings with Nick while gently suggesting some ways to make the interaction a bit more successful is totally why we love those two. Nothing is off limits with your bestie, and that absolutely includes your love life.

A best friend is the one who will be there to let you rant, but will absolutely demand a total play-by-play of those big moments with a SO Cece from new girl after an important date, just like Cece. One of the best things about Jess and Cece is how Cece can pull Jess out of her shell. Any introvert who is friends with an extrovert can agree that they provide an invaluable service, helping us step out of our comfort zones a bit.

And even though this evening with Jess and Cece ultimately ends in a bit of a fight, we love that Cece from new girl is eager to get Jess to try new things, meet new people, and get a little crazy. While best friends are the people you can trust absolutely with those less-than-flattering moments, best friends are also the ones that can make the most fun of you in the best and most loving, of course ways.

And ultimately, it helps take some of the sting from those super embarrassing moments. That lesson is, of course, to always be there for your bestie, no matter what. Kendall Ashley April 10, pm. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. FOX Cece from new girl Getty Images.

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