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If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Some features on Brandon nude pic routh site require a subscription. There was always rumors about Brandon Routh being gay.

About a year or 2 before he did the "Superman" movie he had done an episode of "Cold Case" where he played a gay character who the guy he was having an affair with was killed. He is a good looking guy but Superman did not fit well for him. R10 for me, i would have to disagree.

Routh is straight by all accounts. That he may have put Brandon nude pic routh to a guy s for a role like this isn't shocking. I'd lick a cunt for days for the chance to be in a highly-remunerative franchise. The Singer version of Superman now looks so much better than the Cavill version but HW is stuck on "dark" superheroes. Of course he is OP. Brandon nude pic routh was fucking around with cock in his soap days and being on that velvet casting couch is how he secured Superman.

Doing gay roles doesn't make you gay but when you do so many it's a great indicator. It also tells you casting as no faith in him Brandon nude pic routh able to pull off a realistic hetero partnership. I'm not sure what his deal is, but it seems those soap guys stay in the closet longer than anyone.

Isn't that right Jacob Young. No skin of my nose Frau. Sorry if I pissed on your frilly panties dear and your moist dreams of Brandy that never would Brandon nude pic routh happened.

I've cried every time I've seen it. Given your preexisting level of hate, you probably won't have the same reaction. R24 Sigh another thread infestation of bitter fraus with a touch of trollish homophobia. Ange needs your support. Exactly E Thank you for pointing that out. I mean there's no way he could be gay. Gay men simply don't marry women. He's married with children. Yeah, some straight guys turn out to be gay, but I doubt Brandon's gay.

Anyway, he's cute. I thought he was the best part of Superman Returns in the way Cavill was the best part of Man of Steel. Neither films are good, but they Brandon nude pic routh Superman well. I personally think Brandon Routh is straight but he totally 'did what he needed to do' to land the part of Superman. For years there had been rumors that Routh performed sexual favors for Bryan Singer to get the part of Superman.

They've been so prevalent that a couple years ago Singer openly denied those rumors which Brandon nude pic routh seems very odd to me. Routh does seem too old for Singer since Singer prefers teens. R34 he doesn't ping gay for me. He is a bit of a nerdy Jew which can sometimes accidentally set off pings. Could he not be bisexual? Bisexuals can easily get with a member of the opposite sex and "trick" people into being straight when there is an attraction to the same sex there. I googled "Brandon Routh Jewish" by the way and it took me to an anti-Semitic message board full of people wondering whether their new Superman was a Jew.

LOL only Singer's had him? I'm sure both Miss Murphy and Berlanti have Brandon nude pic routh his aging ass more than once. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

Was Brandon Routh Ever Gay or did he just fuck men for parts in film? He was probably too old for Brandon nude pic routh Singer and Berlanti.

He was in his role in Will and Grace and his role in Partners. So gorgeous. I don't care about the criticism. He's perfect. If ever a man looked like he came from Iowa, it is Brandon Routh. R5 Whatever you're feeding boys in Iowa, keep doing it. R4, I Brandon nude pic routh agree with you. I also agree with felicity who said he Mature blonde milf pussy spread like a disney prince.

His "Superman" was better than "Man of Steel". Don't know if he's gay, but he sure is HOT. OP's question is like "Have you stopped beating your wife? This has been dealt with so often on DL, I'm presuming you're new. Have you seen the Xena-cavewoman costume for all-American Wonder Woman? Are you a gay man or a straight woman? They say Brandon is straight, but he's tried out for numerous gay roles.

LOL at this frau thread. Looks like a Disney Prince. Mother Mary. Check IMDB, it's free. I Brandon nude pic routh added you to my ignore list. He's not one of you gays. Get over it. Can I fix a broken chair with Crazy Glue? Superman Returns Brandon nude pic routh so much more heart then the miserable Man of Steel movie. He cant be gay. IMDB says he's taken a wife. Man, you sad sacks are always reaching.

Bryan Singer couldn't even get erect for a tall, well-built man. Routh pings like crazy. Yes he's got wife and kids but so does Hugh Jackman. There is no doubt in my mind Routh did use the casting couch to get superman. He's a Jew? He pings but gay or not he's super cute to me.

He has a cute nerdy aura that I like. But Jackman's kids were bought over the counter, R Brandon has never had or taken the dick. He's a pussy man all the way. Brandon nude pic routh is straight but like many straight actors he opened his mouth and hole to get a part. Very true. All rights reserved. It's easy to subscribe and unsubscribe when you want to. Give it a Brandon nude pic routh It's free so why not?

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